I don’t claim to be the ultimate authority on anything. But I do claim to be a pretty damn good authority on a lot of stuff. I like music, movies, comics, television, books–any way to tell a story. It’s a lot of fun stuff.

Every time I come home from the movies with my family or friends, though, I’d go on and on and on about how some elements of the movie weren’t serving the film as a whole. When Dan and I trade albums, I’d be busy finding flaws in his taste while he’s trying to tell me why Rob Zombie is awful (what can I say, Dan’s crazy).

Eventually, after several drives home from the theater, somebody asked me why I wasn’t a movie critic. Or a music critic. Or a critic in general yet.

Good question.

So I’m starting this blog, reviewing a thing a day until it sticks.

I’m calling it (I’m) Not a Fanboy after a line in a Zero Punctuation review. A viewer has written him some hatemail on why his review of Super Smash Bros. Brawl was awful, that began with “I’m not a fanboy” to which Yahtzee quickly replies “Yes, you are.” I’m not a fanboy. I will not love a movie solely because my favourite director made it, I’m as capable of hating an album by my favourite artists as I am of loving one by a band I hate. It’s an important distinction to make these days, when everyone has blog after blog after blog about their favourite things, but no one’s taking the Roger Ebert approach anymore.

If something’s good, it’s enjoyable. If something’s enjoyable, it can be anywhere from great to awful. I’m here to make that distinction.

You’re welcome.