It’s 10:30. I’ve got Jonestown on the stereo, I’ve got nothing to do. Let’s post something.

Something interesting happened the other day with my review of Shits & Giggles by the Kleptones. I tweeted it to the artist because I had to tweet it somehow, and thought he might like to read it. (shrugging) I dunno, I like being complimented on a job well done myself. I thought if I sent him a (totally freaking warranted) four star review of his album, he might reply and be all like, “Oh hey thanks, fan guy! Btw, your dreams of a Canadian tour date in Toronto are entirely unfounded in reality and you better start saving up to come to Bestival next year, cos seriously, ain’t no way no how I’m flying to that frozen hellhole” and I wouldn’t’ve blamed him. I wouldn’t tour Canada if my music itself was illegal and all the clubs in Toronto blow. (Okay, just the ones I’ve been to have been horrible except for the Jungle Room they inevitably have. Jungle: It makes your booty quake.) I sent it off to him, supposing that he was warm and comfy cozy in Britain while I was struggling to meet my midnight deadline.

I tweeted it off in Haiku and thought nothing of it. I went to sleep, safe with my relative obscurity. I woke up to find that not only had Eric replied directly in kind–and quite kindly if I may add–but had also retweeted the review to his followers. This was… well, it was kinda really freakin’ weird. It sorta makes me really glad that nobody mentioned Aw ████ to Edgar Wright in the week following its release. He should know that I love his movies so far and that Scott Pilgrim was just in a weird minority of projects I couldn’t get into. That was best summed up in an exchange between my brother and me in a Wendy’s after he got back from France:

Ben: So Scott Pilgrim… not that good, huh? (AN: he’s a reader of my blog and recommended it to anyone in France who asked what his brother was like. Cool guy!)
Me: How to put this… It was a well-made movie wrapped around a core of not good. –! Got it, one question–
Ben: Kay.
Me: Do you believe that Michael Cera could beat up seven different people in a month?
Ben: No.
Me: There we go, then.

I like you, Edgar Wright. But like anything I feel very strongly about, you’ve dragged me off topic. The topic was The Kleptones and how they tweeted my review to their followers. Really, it’s a simple story that could be summed up in a status update on Facebook. In fact, I think I did just that…

Cap’n Joe Criger: Oh hey. My Shits & Giggles review got tweeted by the artist. Would you look at that. (in shock)
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This wasn’t the end of the story. The story can’t end now. I’m at <500 words and I’m not about to desu-spam out to 1000, am I. So, here I am, reeling away in private, goin’ slowly mad and watching over 40 hits pour into my blog. Forty hits, man. That’s a few people visiting my site repeatedly and quite a few being referred here by Eric Kleptone’s Twitter account. Forty hits is sheer madness. My best day before that had been the day Dan read all my blog entries at work. (He doesn’t work there anymore, stop worrying.)

What I didn’t know was that Eric had updated Hectic City (his blog) to have a follow-up article to the Shits & Giggles release called Shucks & Gratitude in which he linked me and another reviewer who’d mentioned it in their similarly spartan blog. I’m starting to think that no official movers and shakers listen to The Kleptones. I found out that he’d written the article when I noticed a person being referred from the Kleptones blog site. I checked it out. Allow me to say, –wait, hold up, I think I updated my Facebook status on this too…

Cap’n Joe Criger Looks like that Shits & Giggles review is gonna keep pulling in readers. It was brought up in the Kleptones blog.
In other news, holy ████. Oh wait, that’s the same news. Holy ███ty████.
Hectic City » Blog Archiv » Shucks & Gratitude
…for all the kind words and complementary reviews for “Shits & Giggles” – was hoping it would find you all in the spirit it was intended 😀
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Hey, maybe there’s something to this Twitter business after all. I mean, I wrote a review on my blog cos I wanted to say how much I liked this album, right? Tweet the artist about how much I like their stuff. Then they tell their fans. Who visit my blog. Said fans read my review of Reservoir Dogs–I dunno, cos they’re British or something. Brits love that movie. Tarantino was huge over there like it was Pulp Fiction over here. I mean, in one link, one communication, I’ve told a dude “HEY LOVE YOUR STUFF BRO” and he was all “hey, this dude loves my stuff, bros (link!)” and now I’m all “nyoron~?” Twitter went from a useless distraction to a legitimate way of advertising my existence overnight. 25 hits to my blog today, despite no new post until after 23.30 Ontario Time.

Overall, I’m okay with that review. It would probably be better at 750 words, without the band biography that opens it up. I didn’t know that it was going to be read by fans though, so I packed as many words in as I could and told all my friends who wouldn’t listen to a record I recommended if you threatened them with death. After about 20 hits on that article alone, I just wanted to add a bold type thing around the fourth paragraph that said FANS START HERE.

Of course, now, my main question is: Is it too late to review Jonestown by D-Sisive?