About a week or two back, my main muse and inspiration at this blog left me to pursue her number one passion: devoting all of her time to schoolwork. Since then, I’ve had a few things happen in my life that have threatened to derail this blog at one time or another, and while for the last three days, I’ve indeed posted three articles, tonight’s just gonna have to get fillerized. I know I haven’t done this since the early days, but hey–I feel like taking some time off to sort out my stuff. So, what I thought I’d do is present you with exactly how far I got in each of my drafts of earlier articles that just didn’t take off for whatever reason. Enjoy!

REVIEW: Secretary (last modified 11/09/2010)

I hate The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I loathe it with an intense passion, rivaled only by my hatred for fascism and coffee without cream or sugar. The notion that sex is in some way inherently taboo or ridiculous, or as such needs to be a once-a-year event where you and your friends get together to watch a silly movie about people having sex, has never reached me. Maybe it’s because my parents raised me in such a home where sex wasn’t a weird thing, but rather a brand of humour you start understanding when you’re over thirteen years old. Maybe that’s why I’ve never found sex, deviant sex, people who have deviant sex or having deviant sex myself weird. Too much information? Screw you, it’s Tuesday.

Secretary, a film from 2002 starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader, also doesn’t think sex is weird. Granted, it’s likely missing a few key points in its portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle–points I wouldn’t know and I’d be glad if nobody told me about. Sex in this movie is simply part of daily life, like living, breathing and typos. It’s a careful movie, deliberate, meditative. Independent film-making through and through.

I liked where I was going with this, but after those one and a half paragraphs, I just couldn’t figure out a way to continue. What do I say about the performances? What do I say about the cinematography? Sure, sometimes the camera was handheld for some reason, and sure, the performances from James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal were particularly inspired, but… Maggie Gyllenhaal was especially sexy in a role where I didn’t think there was much leeway for selling me on the sexuality of it all. The writing was okay, the acting was okay, the direction was okay–everything about this movie was stunningly acceptable, a perfectly bland, inoffensive tale. Which sorta says exactly why I think a movie saying that deviant sex is out of the ordinary and inherently funny would be as boring as reading the phone book cover to cover.

Eating My Blog Alive! (last modified 11/09/2010)

This one’s gonna require some prefacing. On that same Tuesday that I reviewed Secretary, I was gonna post an article about how NaNoWriMo was keeping me from blogging and my brains were spent out from overdosing on writing. I was writing so much back then that I just couldn’t handle writing any more per day, and the first thing to go were my blog posts. Sadly, I’ve since dropped my NaNo in shark-infested waters, but I’m hoping to get it back over the weekend. Anyway, what I was trying to say was “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but writing this novel has got me straight trippin’, y’all.” Here it is:

So I’m writing this book, right? And at the same time, I’m trying to maintain this blog and live my life. And it gets a bit really really hard to write over 4000 words every day of the week, you know?

And the award for world’s longest draft goes to THIS GUY!!!

Wisdom Teeth Removal (last modified 10/02/2010)

Is it time for a blog? A blog-blog, blog-type, blog? I don’t have much to say this week, except for that I hope to get a thousand words out into a post before I have to leave to go see a movie with Ailish. Except I don’t know which movie I’m seeing today. It could be one of two options, both of which come out this evening. Let Me In, the remake/localisation of Let the Right One In from Matt Reeves (director of Cloverfield) and starring Chloe Moretz (Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass) or The Social Network, the movie about the founding of Facebook from David Fincher (director of Fight Club and Se7en) and starring Jesse Eisenberg (that guy from Zombieland). I know which one looks like the better made movie, but I want to support the other project more.

We ended up going to see Let Me In, as you know from the review I posted of it. This was my attempt to write an honest-to-God lifestyle blog where I talk about who I am and my adventures in life, but I, like a lot of you, find those blogs really damn boring. Like, just boring. Boring like drills. Boring like boring boring boring. I mean, the only thing–it turns out, the only thing more boring than reading one of those is writing one of those. Look at this, I got NO words into it before I’m off-topic and chatting about movies again. What the heck is that all about? Do I have any discipline at all?

Also, back in September, I had a couple articles about music up and drafting. Since then, those have been thoroughly cannibalized into other articles. For instance, my review of 808s & Heartbreak became the basis of my article In Defense of Kanye West. and the article Mashups and Me has since gone on to act as the foundation for all of my heaping praise and adoration of The Kleptones.

In truth, I often wonder if I’m any good at this. I know I write a lot of stuff, but you guys don’t see the amount of dead drafts and lost conversations that come out of trying to write a thousand words daily on less than nothing. Movies are great and all, but are they really important enough to maintain a daily blog about? Looks like I’m gonna have to, anyway. Yesterday I got over 100 readers, today I got over 70. I think someone’s gonna read an article aside from the one they’ve been linked to soon, and on that day, I guess I’ll find out if I can attract a subscriber on my own merits that I don’t know in real life.