What do you do on days when your town shuts down, readers? I’ll tell you what I do, but no one really cares. I don’t know if I’ll be able to squeeze 1000 words out of this topic, but I’m gonna do my best Andy Rooney impression and rant anyway. See, up here where I live in my internet connected igloo in Canada, we were told to expect a blizzard overnight. And apparently, we received one. Kids today are entirely spoiled. I’m not being a crotchety old man when I say that I remember being told to walk to school in worse snow than this. Repeatedly. I remember getting snow far, far worse than this on the weekends in April. April. You know, when spring is supposed to be here and everyone’s having a jolly time romping through the printemps gardens? You can get a foot and a half of snow in April where I’m from, and it’s not seen as reason to shut down the city.

Well, at least it wasn’t until today. See, all yesterday, all through the day–and even all day Monday–people kept talking about that big snow coming in. And I reacted to this news the same way I did to Inception. “A foot of snow? My, whatever shall we do?!” We’ve had a foot of snow before. We’ve shoveled a foot of snow before. When I was in high school, a foot of snow meant you got your boots out for the next day of classes. Nowadays, apparently, it means the entire city gets a day off. How did we come to this? It just ain’t that bad, folks. I’ve been told to walk to school in snow deeper than this, and that’s after shoveling! But still, that’s where I am right now: stuck at home in a city that’s shut down. Whatever shall I do?

My first thought was that I could finally get around to posting the first installment of my TVTropes LiveBlog of The West Wing. In truth, I have no idea how to liveblog a series I’m seeing for the first time. Back when I did my review of Neon Genesis Evangelion, I was reviewing a series I’d already seen twice–once in Japanese, once in English. How am I supposed to go episode by episode when I have no idea what’s coming next? I guess that’s what I’ll have to learn to play up: the uncertainty of it all. I have to watch West Wing like it’s a brand new series that premiered last month. So that sounds like a good idea. I mean, what could possibly sound as good as staying in and Sorkining out? His rapidfire dialogue is near indecent, it’s so good.

In truth, I haven’t had a second thought on how to spend the day. The city is shut down, so I guess that’s spanner to my plan of going out and camcorder shopping. But if I have to drive to Future Shop, that at least means I’m not on a bus ticket time limit. I have no idea what camcorder or video recording device I want to buy, though. I’ve read a few suggestions (and I’m not getting a Flip), but tech talk is mostly useless to me. Especially when no product page answers the questions: can it shoot in 720p? Does it have an xlr input for a microphone? That’s it, that’s all I want, and if the picture’s even marginally better than the picture on my cell phone, I’ll probably be happy with that video recording device.

See, I need a video recording deviiiiice because tomorrow night, my favourite theater in Hamilton, The Movie Palace, is shutting its doors–apparently for good. And after the showing of their final feature–True Grit, regrettably–the owner is hosting a small party where he will tell his story. No, seriously, that’s almost exactly the phrasing he used in this Facebook message I got for being a member of the fan group. He will host a small “seeya” party after the final show, and at 10:00pm, he will tell his story for those gathered. And anyone who attends the last screening is invited to stay back. That’s why I bought my tickets to Thursday’s last show two days ago. Despite the fact that I intensely dislike the Coen Brothers.

And my plan for that evening was to do a video piece instead of writing a thousand words. I know, I couldn’t put that in a book and hand it to someone when they asked what I could do, but I’d also have the Movie Palace on tape. If it gets torn down or renovated into a modern style theater, I’d still have it on video. I’d still be able to look at it and see it and know that it was there. Also, I’d be able to get Dale Barker’s story on video, so that would be immortalized. I’ve always been proud of the Movie Palace as a Hamiltonian. It was the only classic, 1920’s style marble seats theater in city limits. It showed new first run movies alongside buffet dinners and classics. It hosted the annual Rocky Horror singalong.

Basically, it may not have been the theater I went to the most often, but it was the one I pointed to when someone asked me why I like movies. Good ticket prices, good concessions prices, real butter and comfy benches instead of claustrophobic seats. I’d at least hoped the last feature shown there would be Casablanca–go out on one of the best films ever made, why not–but I think I can cope with True Grit. So yeah. I need to get out today–some time today–to get a camcorder to record that event with. Or else I’ll be stuck using my girlfriend’s point and shoot digital camera. Which has really bad sound, average picture with a lot of camera shake and I don’t think she has a tripod for it. Which would mean shakey cam bad sound picture.

I guess the first thing I have to do today is write a thousand words for my blog. So I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Seeya tomorrow, guys.