You know those people that resist change? That stick their feet in the ground and root them firmer than redwoods in opposition to whatever you want to do? That say “I don’t care if I look stupid or of I get ostracized–I will not budge.” Well, for about ten years now, I was one of those people. I refused to possess an iPod. When the first versions came out, I remember Bowen having one. It was the gigantic 5GB model with a monochrome display. And this guy was the envy of the school for being able to listen to all of the music he downloaded on LimeWire while he was walking around. At the time, I was still using a CD player. I changed discmen every few years–something would inevitably break down and I’d have to get rid of it. Anti-skip ratings? Please. No CD player is truly anti-skip when you’re 12. Doesn’t matter how many seconds ahead of present it’s recording.

iPods continued to show up around me from 2001 to the present day. They’d get smaller or sleeker or suddenly have colour screens. There’d be kids with the newest ones comparing technology. Seeing who had cameras, who had full colour support, who had video support, whose video support didn’t suck. It eventually got to the point where pretty much everyone had an iPod and I just didn’t listen to music in public while commuting. It was a hassle to find the cds that I was carrying on my person all the time, just like it was a hassle to find a kid who didn’t have an iPod glued onto their ears.