I got thirty-eight minutes, I got Jonestown on the stereo, but honestly, I’m not really feeling it. So, get ready to be directed to a few things I think you need to see, download, listen to–whatever. Cos honestly, it’s 23.23 here in Hamilton, and all I can think about is looking out at the supermoon. You’ve heard of the supermoon tonight, right? Tonight, the moon is larger and brighter than it has been in the last eighteen years, and it’s one night only. If you’re out there, reading this on the night I post it, go look at the moon, I swear to god, I have never seen it this bright before. Even if that’s just me thinking it’s bright and telling my brain it’s brighter and thus believing it is and seeing it as such–it looks brighter. My eyes never had to strain to gaze upon it before. So the first thing you’ll need to download is Jonestown, D-Sisive’s second full length album, and shortest LP to date.

Jonestown is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, regardless of genre. Dan and I (you know my buddy Dan) have differing opinions on everything. He prefers Let the Children Die of D’s 2009 releases, but as I’ve often said–he’s wrong. Let the Children Die is a fantastic album–and one I should check to see if I can make into a torrent–very necessary to D-Sisive when it was made. Dark, deep, personal–it showed the entire underground hip hop scene in Canada that he was a new man since he went under years ago. However, in reading the A+ reviews for this album, D was a bit angry that everyone only talked about how dark and personal it was. He was mad because no one mentioned that he could rap, dammit. Jonestown, an album distributed for free online, was made to demonstrate that he was still a vital, intelligent and plain old talented rapper.

As such, it’s one of the most dense and interesting albums I’ve ever heard.