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ANALYSIS: A Thousand Suns draft

So, earlier this week, I tried to write an article on this album: A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park. And my first attempt at writing about it was going to be on “guilty pleasures”–things we like that people try to shame us for liking. Quickly, I’ve never thought there was such a thing as a guilty pleasure–if you like it, you like it and that’s that. I suppose there’s no point in writing a thousand words when Andrew WK can summarize your point in fewer than 140 characters, but there you go. Instead, since that day I planned to write that article, I did something I’ve never really done before. I’ve listened to A Thousand Suns over and over again in its entirety. And I’ve realized something: A Thousand Suns is a brilliant album by a band that isn’t quite sure how to handle its own ideas.

If I were to make a top five list

I don’t even know if I want to write this article now, but I guess I will. I’ll put the link to the real one here later. EDIT: now is later.

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