I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much content these last few days. Truth is, I’ve been going through quite a bit of stuff. I still do my best to make a daily update, but these days things just aren’t as appealing as they used to be. I can’t find the time to write, I can’t find the time to be happy. I just can’t find time even when I’m drowning in it. And I would review more West Wing, but here’s what I want to do: I wanna review Watchmen, I wanna write a 200th article retrospective and I want to just take a break. But I can’t, cos I have more ideas for other articles, like Girl World/Boys Noise, an article on girl music vs guy music and why these worlds are divided. Mostly, I want to thank the people with subscriptions for sticking with me throughout all of this. I hate letting you down like this, and I’ll do my best to have Watchmen done soon. In the mean time, expect a lot of filler with occasional West Wing. I’m sorry.

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