Expect this article to be updated throughout the week–I’ve been applying to colleges and talking to new friends all day long.

So fun story, I’m not announcing a series today. But! I wanted to get a place together to compile all of my ideas for episodes of (I’m) Not a Gamer the video series, to be pitched to the Escapist later this year. The main objective for this series would be to depict and portray the point of view of a person who is exploring video games for the first time at college age. Not that this is my first time ever, it’s just sort of my “dipping my toes into the medium” moments, and as a guy who has a pretty solid background in film studies and music studies (that is to say, almost no background), my friends have been telling me my point of view is actually kind of interesting. So I want to use that to make a series. Because the best series are not ones that tell you exactly what you know already, like your average sitcom, but the ones that show you something new–like Lost. Series like that are, even for their faults, a little bit above average out of the gate–and I want to aim as high as possible.

Of course, my idea for the first episode is rather high concept. It can be summed up in three words: GAMERS. ARE. HIPSTERS. And not even the good kind of hipsters, no, they’re the absolute worst kind that no one likes to hang out with.