Right now, I have a really good idea in my head for a story for Machine of Death 2, but I can’t write it down cos it’s really complex and intimidating and it might end up over twice as long as the maximum recommended word count. Of course, “Almond” seemed to be that long, but I can’t really say cos there are no word counts published for the stories already in the collection. And I’m just reading my limited edition hardcover of it now, and I’m checking to see if there are still the formatting problems that made it all the way into the paperback. I should hope not, and remember that I’m not mentioning them here because all of the text is formatted 100% perfectly, but I’m looking out for it.

I don’t think this is going into Volume Three. I just wanted to let you all know that there are days when I just don’t want to write anything. I wanted to write something today–I wanted to write my review of Rebuild 2.22 today, but then the TV was occupied by my brother who’s home for a while. Yeah, it’s stupid and yeah it’s slacking and yeah I know I should be writing every day but if you give 100% of your all every day at work then slag me off in the comments as much as you want to, you over productive liar.