I’m currently working on assembling my second impressions of TCAF into a proper post. Might even turn into one of those epic posts and take two and a half posts to get through all the awesome stuff that happened, but as I’m basically working from memory, I’ll try to get my girlfriend to upload those photos as fast as possible tomorrow morning. In the mean time, my buddy Chad offered to review his other favourite game of last year, Final Fantasy Tactics to take the load off of today (Sunday). Mostly because of my last post, I think–anyway. So, he was supposed to be writing that today, and I was supposed to be taking a day off. It’s around eleven thirty at night on Sunday night, and Chad has no idea how many words he’s at on FFT–he’d rather write a good article than be on time. Apparently, he hasn’t read most of my articles from volume 2!

So right now, I’m just posting this so that you subscribers know that there was something planned today. There really was, and it wasn’t my responsibility to get it posted. Cos Chad was all “Take a day off, I can do it!” And I said sure. Which isn’t my fault. In any case, do you want me to keep rambling on for 1000 words or just let stuff get stuffed? I could talk about a couple things I’ve been reading up on. Would that satiate you all? Let’s give’r the ole’ college try!

At the moment, I’m watching the Yogscast LP of Minecraft. Now, this is perhaps the most creepy thing I’ve ever seen. It starts as–and I started watching it as–a guy trying to teach his friend (who is new to Minecraft) how to survive his first night. That’s all it is–Wil Riker and his dwarf friend, surviving their first night, surrounded by monsters in a four-square (on the inside) wooden shack. And because they run a podcast, they turn their adventures playing Minecraft into a series. And then they spot someone else on their server. Their private server, hosted in Lewis’ (Wil Riker’s) bedroom. That no one else has access to. And there’s a griefer there, doing their level best to make every single moment a living hell for these two. Named Israphel.

He digs a gigantic pit under their floor, he booby traps their back door with TNT, and then, they get enough obsidian to make a portal to the Nether–Minecraft‘s version of hell. That isn’t related to the griefing, by the way. And they have no idea who’s doing that on their server. I should’ve noticed that they didn’t seem so concerned about the fact that there was a dude on their server, building pyramids with relatively little loot in them. I would be more concerned about that, but no matter, cos one day, while chasing Israphel to whence he came, they come across a freaking town. “Does Minecraft have NPCs, Simon?” asks Lewis of his dwarfish friend. “Not that I know of, friend,” replies Simon. “Maybe they were added with the last update.”

And that’s freaking that as far as their natural curiosity is concerned! I mean–there’s these people on their server doing all this stuff building towns pretending to be robots and they just play along with it. That is freaking creepy as all get out, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, either! Speaking of creepy as all get out, I saw a hardcover copy of From Hell today at TCAF. Should’ve bought it. I’ll also have to find my ideal pressing of Lost Girls on eBay, it seems. The one where it was three books in a slipcase, instead of one. I got fifteen minutes left, and have had no status updates from Chad, so I’ll continue dispensing my wisdom into your ear like so much wax or apple juice or something you could really live without having in your ear.

I was thinking of starting a supplemental tumblr for this blog. A personal thing where I host the macros I infrequently make as well as post “making of”s and “deleted passages” from reviews–stuff I wish I could get to but for my word limit. Also, stuff I just didn’t get to cos I’m probably ADHD as crap, son. Oh, crap, I’m starting to talk like them, friends. I’m in the third season of their Minecraft LP, which has since become this weird machinima starring all this stuff. They have “NPC”s from the machinima series showing up in their livecasts, they have three seasons, including the subtitle “Shadow of Israphel” for this season. Israphel is back as a zombie you see, with zombie bosses and creeper bosses and twists revealed about major character NPCs.


I’m also reading Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I know if anyone’s reading this, they’ve already learned all there is to know about that series, but I might as well just talk about it. It’s a series that posits what Victorian fiction would look like if it operated under comics continuity–more aptly, what if all of these Victorian oddities and characters were treated as superheroes in their own time? And what if all the major events of continuity and all that jazz were taken from big, catastrophic novels published around the same time? Like if the team had to face off against Martians hellbent on war with Earth, as per HG Wells? It’s actually a really well-written example of in-universe flavour text and how it can influence your overall impression of a comic–the entire thing is written so very immersively in late Victorian English–it’s great! There are also paint-by-numbers paintings… of Dorian Gray… there are other off-colour jokes about Victorian classics and oh crap, the Yogscast just lit their only trees on fire while playing survival underground.

That was funny! And now they’re livecasting… stuff? They failed spectac–OOH, it’s a tour of their private server! Remember that veil I mentioned in my review of End of Evangelion? It’s like that, y’all.