I’mma be honest: I have no idea what I wrote last year. Not an idea in my head at all about what I wrote last year at this time, and while I know I could look it up just a few inches and a few mouse clicks away, I’m not going to at the moment. It’s Christmas Eve at my girlfriend’s house and I’ve taken a few minutes to come upstairs, check my twitter and write this blog entry mostly to have an introvert moment. A couple hours ago for my introvert moment, I was reading 11/22/63 and playing Pilotwings Resort and if the stores were open tomorrow, I’d be spending my paycheque on Mario Kart 7. The booze has worn off, I’ve lost my headphones and I really just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas. So I thought I’d share cs188’s holiday special, A Michael Rosen Christmas!