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School schedule.

So tomorrow, I have a class at 8am, which means I’m setting my alarm for 5am in order to get there on time. As it’s now 10pm the night before that, I have to go to sleep now to get not even eight hours of sleep.

Good news is, I’ll be finishing the Portal 2 post tomorrow and putting one here in its stead about my experiences with the other half a dozen games I’ve bought for the PS3 so far. I should have some free time to play them then.

Other than that, get on twitter and follow the Overt Dictionary and Injustice Facts. The pro is that their content has made me disgusted with my own impulses to buy things and brought several forms of injustice and crime to my daily attention; the con is that they keep pushing their multimedia collective The Artists at the same time. Good with the bad, you know?

Seeya tomorrow afternoon!

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