And I know it was the highlight because it happened right off the top of my day and no experience has topped it since.

My morning routine is to get up at the sound of my braying, obnoxious alarm clock, roll out of bed and head downstairs to shower. And today was really no different. I woke up an hour late, but I was getting a ride to college, so that evened out. I got in the shower, turned on the hot water and started thinking. Thinking the way we only do in the shower. We take the sensory deprivation of the shower for granted in North America, just like the clean, drinkable water we use for it.

Just yesterday, I had started my Saints Row 2 campaign. And by started, I mean only that. I’m not even out of the hospital yet. I don’t even know if my game will pick up where I left it cos I don’t think you can save in that mission. In any case, I was/am playing as an ageing yet attractive Asian woman with blue hair and smeared purple lipstick. I told Dave this yesterday, and he said I should play as Gaben. Huh? “Gaben.” Huh? “Gaben!” Two seconds. “HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A GABEN IS–”

At which point the computer had shut off. So, I googled it when I got back home. It’s a legitimately hilarious meme in which somebody cut the beginning of the Team Fortress 2 commentary, provided by Gabe Newell, into a stupid statement dance mix. “To stop the Gaben, press the Gaben” and so forth. His email is (not his real email, I forget what it is). And I thought of all of this in the shower, then thought to myself, “I should email Gabe Newell to tell him that Portal 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever encountered, let alone current generation, let alone console or developer–it’s just one of the best, period.

“But man, Chad and I are seriously stuck on that one puzzle. If only we could turn the lightbridge sideways in order to stop us midair over the exit platform. Too bad we can’t. Hey, what else could stop us midw–”

And then I said this out loud.


I rinsed off my hair, leapt out of the shower, ran upstairs to my cell phone and immediately texted Chad saying I knew the answer and needed to get back in the game today to get it out of my system. Naturally, as it was six in the morning, Chad didn’t respond immediately with the kind of enthusiasm I expected. I think he’d figured it out as well in the ensuing week and a half since we’d stopped playing, but I did have to tell him where to stand when I started to work my magic.

So who knows, you know? All of this is to say that the reason there was no post today is because from 9 to midnight, I was downstairs on the PS3 playing a game I intend to review for this site myself by myself for this my own site myself. I really wanna do my own game review, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be crap because I have no idea what experiences exist that you could possibly compare Portal 2 to, let alone have I played them. I’ll just compare it to the kind of stuff I normally write about. That won’t be too bad, will it?