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Look up.

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Look up.

Look up.

Look up.

Stop reading this and look up already.


In the CFT, there are 20 skylights visible from the first floor. I’m betting you can find 9, 19 at most.

In front of the Goldfarb Centre for the Arts, the garden is bordered by 112 stones. I counted them by running on them. A foot a stone.

Go outside whenever you read this and look up. If you’re in class when you read this, it’s your own damn fault. Get up. Get up, get away from everyone else, go outside and look at the top of every building.

Count the lights on all the roofs you can see.

Look at how big everywhere around you is.

Remember, it’s made for you.

So be that big.

Be bigger.

Look up. Read more…

Ad-Rock, Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys

January 13, 2011 3 comments

Tonight, my family is moving a bunch of furniture through the house to accommodate having two rugs cleaned. Normally, this wouldn’t leave me in any kind of creative bind, but I’m also plain tired from posting once a day since the 23rd of December, 2010. I’m pretty burned out at the moment, but I’ll feel like a disappointment if I don’t give you guys your 1000 words today. So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna write a whole bunch of filler text here and a whole bunch down there to pad out an 800 word long article I wrote on Facebook almost two years ago. Enjoy!

I’m not Ad-rock’s biggest fan when he’s on the mic. (I’ve always been an MCA kind of guy. Mike D’s cool, but no MCA.) The fact that he was the vocalist when they went into power-punk trio mode always sorta got on my nerves. I always liked the texture of MCA’s voice and I always liked his lyrics. A nice balance of wordplay and insight.

Also, my favourite album of theirs has pretty much always been Paul’s Boutique. (with the exception of Country Mike’s Greatest Hits, but that ████’s just hysterical!) For one, no Ad-rock solos. The closest he comes to a solo is a duet with MCA in B-Boy Bouillabaisse and his solo in “3-Minute Rule”, a song comprised of three solos in a row. The beats were fresh and intricate, dense and just plain exciting. Loved it. Read more…

BFTP: Something for Everybody’s Song Meanings

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving a future article I’m writing, you’re getting another article I wrote on Facebook. Tomorrow will end the pasting stuff, promise. Read more…

BFTP: Why A Perfect Getaway and Law Abiding Citizen Suck

August 24, 2010 2 comments

As I threatened to do last week, I’m now posting an old article I wrote and posted as a note on Facebook. Enjoy!

You make a plan.

You follow through.

That’s what you do if you’re writing, directing, producing, acting in, PARTICIPATING in a good movie.

A good movie will have a purpose other than to make money or to make concessions to someone. Sometimes a movie is well-made, but its purpose is indefensible. Like Chaos. Movies like Chaos know exactly what they want to do, but what they’re doing is the cinematic equivalent of trolling. All they want to do is provoke a reaction. Sure, the pursuit of that with such fervor and singularity is impressive; the achievement itself, however, is best left ignored.

Not all movies are so fortunate as to have escaped production with such singularity of vision. Read more…