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REVIEW: Casino

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

My first experience with Martin Scorsese was 2010’s Shutter Island. That movie felt not like a throwback to the noir era, but a relic of it. Not in a good way. A lot of movies were made during the Hays Code era, and a lot of them were horrible. This is true of any era of filmmaking, but you’d think that a director as high profile as Scorsese wouldn’t have imitated the bad films of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Scorsese, from what I’ve seen and heard, has always been a classicist director. His films come from another era–when they fail, they fail like movies did seventy years ago. And when they succeed, no matter when they’re set, they succeed like classic movies. Hard, merciless looks at the empires of men in America.

Hard, merciless and long looks at the empires of men. This movie is three hours long, and though that doesn’t seem like too much of a butt-numb-a-thon in comparison to a few other movies I know, its talky and casual pace makes itself felt. It’s not bad, per se–it’s just not fast. Everything in this movie is paced comfortably and slowly, which makes its frequent excursions into horrific violence… well, kind of hysterically funny to start with. This is probably the first movie in which I’ve liked Joe Pesci, but it’s also the first movie where I’ve seen a Joe Pesci performance from beginning to end. And let me tell you, when that little guy decides to stab a man in the throat with a pen over a minor slight? It’s funny. Read more…

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REVIEW: Shutter Island

October 6, 2010 4 comments

Oh god. Oh man. Oh god. Oh man. Jesus Christ, if there were any worse film to start with–god. Just, shoot me now, okay? Like, –christ, just no. Let me tell you right now, if ever there were a movie where I just wanted to go off with every swear I know and like a thousand I don’t, it would be this movie. UUNGH it’s just so hard to say how badly someone messed something up when you can’t emphasize your point properly! Anyway, putting on my big boy hat, I can say this much: Shutter Island is utter garbage.

Too harsh? Quit reading. It’s crap and I defy you to tell me any different. For god’s sake, Marty, when the hell are you making movies for? The 60s? What the hell is wrong with you? The average audience today is accustomed to a far superior kind of thriller. You know, the kind where my mother–a woman who was the age of your audience throughout the 70s and 80s–shouldn’t be able to guess the twist after a single line of dialogue. And before you say that I only disliked this movie because I called the twist at the trailer, Gillian, let me tell you. I disliked every moment of this stupid, condescending feature. I felt insulted by its overbearing score, I felt insulted by Leonardo DiCaprio’s amateur hour theatrics and I was definitely, most of all, without a doubt, disappointed at how much of an utter failure this movie was to elicit any emotion from me but cold, disconnected laughter. Read more…

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