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REVIEW: Shaun of the Dead

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

There are some movies you just love to pieces. Every line, every character, every scene feels just right. The first time I saw Shaun of the Dead was a two CD, 4:3 pan-and-scan copy I downloaded off of Limewire. I think that might’ve even been missing the credits. The CD break didn’t even happen on an act break, it just interrupted a scene. It should say something about the quality of this movie that when I finally got the 2.35:1 theatrical widescreen DVD, I honestly didn’t notice a change for months. It is that well written, that well acted and that well directed. With Hot Fuzz to follow, Shaun of the Dead is the first in what I hope is a trilogy of brilliant, wickedly funny films from the creative team of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Shaun of the Dead, as you may have guessed by its subtle title, is a zombie movie. It is also, as you probably would not have guessed from its title, a romantic comedy. I don’t know of many science-fiction rom-coms, so this zom-rom-com is really standing peerless in its genre classification. However, just because a movie is made in its genre does not mean it’s made well for being the only one. Shaun is made well. Character development and arcs typical of the romantic comedy are executed with both a knowing wink and a solemn deference to the genre. This is all stuffed in the gaps of the typical zombie apocalypse plot and the resultant fusion works astonishingly well. Read more…

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REVIEW: Hot Fuzz

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the second movie on my list of five (seven) movies to see instead of Scott Pilgrim that I’m reviewing. I feel like Scott Pilgrim‘s middling disappointment has left me talking far more about Tarantino than I normally would. Ask Mel for more on that. Y’see, normally, I’d divide my fanboy gushing time between two modern filmmakers: QT and Edgar Wright. Although, I’ll say here and it will go unstated for my reviews of Shaun of the Dead and whatever they do next that when I review an Edgar Wright movie with Simon Pegg in it, I’m really talking about a different beast altogether. When these two co-write a movie, direct and star in it (with friend Nick Frost in the lead supporting role)–well, so far, they’ve been works of cinematic brilliance. Good track record off of two movies.

In Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg plays Nicholas Angel–an ace cop recently promoted to Sergeant. In the country. Because he’s making everyone in London look bad. Ironically, it’s in superhero and cop movies where objectivism is given a fair chance at being seen as a sympathetic philosophy. And that’s the last we’ll speak of that. Nick Frost supports Pegg as Danny Butterman, a local bobbie who is a fat, bumbling mess who ironically aspires to be a police officer, despite the fact that he is one. The movie itself is a carefully constructed affair, a deliberate homage to the small-English-village mysteries of the Agatha Christie era. I suppose it isn’t a spoiler, as it was mentioned in the publicity for this movie, but it is also a carefully constructed, deliberate homage to the big, loud American action movie. Again, Wright and Pegg prove more than adept as cultural mash-up artists, delivering a wickedly funny film that functions equally well as farce, mystery and action. Read more…

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