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The Escapist video series review round-up!

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, again dear readers, I’ve arrived at today unprepared. Much like last week’s article with sport, today I’ll be talking about something near and dear to me–some things near and dear. You see, today, I became a registered member of the escapist magazine–an online magazine dedicated to games, gaming culture and articles/reviews on same. I’ve been a frequent visitor of their site for a few years to watch a review series called Zero Punctuation but recently, I decided to check out some of the other video series on the site as well. And, as I have nothing planned, I figured I’d force you to sit through my reviews of same. Enjoy! If you really want to.

REVIEW: Zero Punctuation (the originator!)

Zero Punctuation

He's mad as hell, and gonna tell you all about it.

Let’s get some perspective up in this to start off with. If you’re entirely foreign to the escapist or video game culture in general, you will have no idea what Zero Punctuation is, or is about. On the surface, and as it’s often characterized in negative press, it’s a review series. Every week, host Yahtzee Croshaw (author of Mogworld, the most recent book I enjoyed entirely) takes one game into the corner of his living room and delivers a beat-down of such magnitude that most games would be lucky to have one element deemed mediocre. Yes, it does seem a little reductive on the surface to give every single game a negative review–that’s why occasionally (but only very occasionally)–Yahtzee will talk about a game he loves. There are reviews like Too HumanKane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II that are thrown under his foot to be flattened like the insolent crud I can only assume them to be. There are also moments like his review of The Orange Box (Portal specifically), No More Heroes or Shadow of the Colossus when his modes are set to praise. Take note of those games, for they should be worth playing. Read more…