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People tell me quite often that Twitter has no purpose, is stupid and is only for people with the most miniscule of attention spans. I don’t agree with a lot of this, and I also disagree that it makes us feel more connected than we actually are. I’ve never felt really, truly bonded to someone on Twitter the way I do in real life, but I digress. The real point I’m getting at is that people who bash Twitter aren’t bashing Twitter for what it is. They’re almost never just admonishing it for putting an artificial restraint on communication–surely there are avenues left for unrestrained expression where you could rewrite Atlas Shrugged in lojban for all I care–nonono. People who bash Twitter are bashing it for being Minecraft or for being something like Saints Row II (entirely uninformed analogy)–they’re criticizing it for doing anything you want it to do and not having an instruction manual. Twitter will do absolutely anything you can think of.

Are you looking for a place to publish the minutiae of what you eat and wear on a daily basis? Congratulations, you can do that. Are you looking for a poor man’s RSS feed for people who don’t know how to work RSS feeds so that your webcomic can reach a broader audience? You can do that, too. You can use Twitter as a forum to engage with people about things they might not necessarily publicize otherwise. You can use it solely to publicize new blog posts–OR, my favourite use of Twitter, you can do all of those things at once from the same account. By following one account, a single user can get the personal stories of the author, updates on new blog posts and projects as well as political news from around the world that they might not necessarily be tuned in to.

BREAKING NEWS: this reappraisal of Twitter has now been interrupted by the fact that Canada just elected a Conservative majority government. Read more…

My favourite three spectator sports.

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

In Joe writing news, I haven’t written an article since Sunday. I had the last three posts scheduled from Sunday afternoon, when I saw Karate Kid and have taken a few days off for something more important. More on that later. However, the article I had planned for today feels a big too tough to write at the moment, so I thought I’d do something lighter. Not filler, just lighter. Something more slice-of-life-y than big, intellectual discourse on media. So while “Quality is not binary.” (working title) will likely be written and go up tomorrow, today I’m going to talk sports.


This is as up-to-date as I get on this, folks.

I know nothing of sports. Absolutely jack. If you were to talk to me about anything to do with sports, you should expect me to know as much about them as you know about depth of field and how it directs the eye through a scene. However, like everyone in the world knows what movies they like to watch or knows what books they’re interested in reading, I know what sports I like watching. I intended to make this a top five post, but outside of Olympic competition, there are only three sports that get any form of coverage that I like to watch. Honorable mentions thus go to women’s speedskating and luge/skeleton. Great sports. Read more…