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REVIEW: The Birds

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Horror movies. We all know what they are and what they should look like by now. Thanks to the pioneering works Friday the 13th and Halloween, we know that horror movies are movies with strange, demented killers stalking and killing vulnerable teenagers who also happen to be jerks. This was the formula for horror movies laid down in the late 1970s and some pretty fine work followed in the trails they blazed. We had movies like April Fools Day and Sleepaway Camp–both of which I assume to be legitimately good movies in the horror genre. But before all that jazz was a filmmaker who worked in the era of safety and hokeyness. Back in the 1960s, horror movies were seen as simple, b-movie fun, not unlike today’s dead teenager movies. We know what they look like, and they’re always good for a few safe thrills.

The world was vastly underprepared for the nihilistic and fundamentally unsafe works of Alfred Hitchcock. I’m unaware of how many movies of Hitch’s I am allowed to call prototypical horror, but I do know the two nominees everyone else knows: Psycho and The Birds. These were movies unlike any seen in a cinema before. Deranged killers whose aim fell on the protagonist. Unexplained devastation and unanswered questions. The Birds stands, at this moment, as my favourite pre-Night of the Living Dead horror movie. It should be safe and it should be nice, hokey fun. What it ends up being is a terrifying film where no one is safe and no one knows why and nothing is ever resolved. Read more…

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