In real life, I have a few friends. I also refer to public figures frequently in my reviews. This is a page for names you’ll read frequently, how I know the person behind the name and what they normally mean in the context of the review.

Dan: Dan is one of two male friends I have. While we disagree on almost every matter of taste conceivable (he prefers Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to Kick-Ass, I mean, COME ON) we’re also firm friends. Whenever I talk about gaming, I’m getting half of my info from him. We also have frequent conversations about hip hop and the state of the entertainment industry, be it film or music. Normally brought up as a Strawman for people with bad taste. I’d say he’s the Karl Pilkington to my Ricky Gervais, but he’d say the same thing in reverse.

Chad: The other guy friend. We talk frequently about video games, anime, comics and stuff like that. He was the guy to finally get anime through my thick North American skull. We’re trying out a podcast, but it hasn’t got off the ground yet. I talk at him about music, occasionally. Also a big fan of Devo and George Carlin. If you see the name Chad, that means it’s either an anime article or a games article–Chad being the other half of my gaming info sources.

Mel: Synonymous with the phrase “my film major friend”. She’s majoring in film at a nearby university, if you couldn’t tell, and has seen more movies than I have, guaranteed. Whenever I first see a movie, she’s the one I come home and talk about it to. Helps me with terminology like depth of focus and fancy stuff like that. I recently got her to listen to Public Enemy, which was pretty dope. Also the one I chat about films with the most often. I use talking to her to establish and solidify my opinions on movies. Ask about the Observe & Report story!

Ailish: Currently dating. When I mention that I saw a film with my girlfriend, that’s who I’m referring to. Unless otherwise noted, I see all new run movies with her, as it’s more fun than seeing them alone. Pet peeve: she’s less scared of horror movies than I am. She has this habit where she tries to see the good in every movie we see. It’s cute.

Ben: My older brother, currently at school for his doctorate in some niche field of physics. Invoked as “smarter older brother” and “clueless older brother” with about the same frequency. Love the guy, respect him immensely, can’t stand to talk to him about any movie we don’t agree on. Well, except Blade Runner.

  1. Daniel Molloy
    September 6, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    I thoroughly enjoy that I am the first person listed. Thoroughly.

  2. ken
    June 21, 2011 at 2:03 am

    I have a friend named Dan too, but my older brother who I also greatly respect name is Ryan. Hmm.

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